Law Firm SEO in Atlanta

Dominate Atlanta Search Results with Actual Data

You Have 2 Options Here in Atlanta: 

Use Data from Over 5,000 Law Firms or Guess 

Founded by a lawyer here in Atlanta, we understand well that lawyers have one of the most competitive landscapes in all of search engine optimization and for good reason.

Just one great case can make your career or at least give you cushion for your next big case.

You can work solely off of referrals from other lawyers, but they will want their percentage, generally, as allowed by local law. Great cases become good cases. Good cases become cases just enough to pay the staff. 

Our Competitors Use No Real Data

You can listen to someone's gut about what you need to do to increase your rankings. They can relay a past case history of success and "best practices".

However, this is no different than a client saying that their friend got $25,000 in a MIST case, and they want more. Anecdotal information is junk. You know this. Don't buy their confidence.

We Use Millions of Data Points

We have the data of every lawyer from Miami to New York to Seattle. We take tabs on every keyword in the legal field.

From car accidents to commercial zoning, we have every single data point. 

A famous model once said that she won't get out of bed for under $10,000.

Well, we don't take action until we have over 1 million data points to prove every step has the most ROI to you.


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